How to Wear a Saddle Bag ft. Coach

How to wear a saddle bag-Always Avii How to wear a saddle bag-Always Avii How to wear a saddle bag-Always AviiHow to wear a saddle bag-Always Avii How to wear a saddle bag-Always AviiHow to wear a saddle bag-Always Avii

When it comes to handbags, I’m very simple. I love small bags, because when I have big ones, I tend to put a lot of stuff inside that I don’t need just to fill it.

For me, I prefer small to medium size bags.  So, when Coach came to me about a collaboration featuring their new saddle bag, I was so excited! I’m secretly a big fan.

Recently, Coach has been upping its game for their luxury brand. Since they got their new creative director few years ago, I’ve fallen in love with them for the first time.  They’ve had a wonderful brand refreshment.  As a creative person, I noticed the change right away! It seems like all of their bags and clothes are now on-point. Remember when Coach came out with the blue and navy sweater with the rocket everyone wanted? I was so jealous of the people who had it.

Now, let’s talk about this classic leather handbag.  I thought the color was perfect for fall and spring, but I was wrong! You can really use this bag all year long. So, let’s do a high five for saving some money! I would say the quality of the leather is 5 stars. The moment I got my bag, you can smell that it’s real leather. I’m not going to lie, I really smelled it, and my nose is not one of my best senses.

If you didn’t like Coach before because you think it’s overrated or the quality isn’t good at all, think again! Take it from me, as I used to not be a Coach fan.  Give it another chance!  The brand is really on their game right now—their designs are to die for! Plus, their campaigns are beautiful and you can see that they are working really hard.

If you’re interested in this specific bag you see in my photos, it’s from their 1941 edition collection.  You’re welcome! Thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you in my next post!


  • Katrina Fox

    I am obsessed with how you styled this whole look. The skirt, shoes and purse are amazing together!

  • Such a cute saddle bag and the skirt is so fun!

  • Allyssa Dana

    I love this and the outfit is so perfect for the purse!

  • Marisol Avila (alltheprettys)

    This is my favorite shoot of you! I love how you styled this bag so cute!!

  • Jenny @The Sensible Shopaholic

    I totally agree Coach has been uping their game lately. Love this bag.

  • I’ve noticed Coach upping their game recently — really loving their new stuff! Love this look, and that bag!