Valentine’s Day Inspired Outfit

I’m a romantic person. My favorite movie is Pride and Prejudice and The Holiday. Since I was a little girl, I always wanted a love story like the movies. There’s nothing wrong wishing for your own fairytale.

I need to admit, I’ve had them, but without the happy ending. My friends always told me that my love stories sound like a romantic comedy movie, especially my last relationship. Last year was a hard year for my heart. Still, after all my heartbreaks, I believe in love and that my prince charming is not out there waiting for me, he is living his life. For when we finally meet, he is going to tell me about all his adventures and we will be ready to do our adventures together.

February can be a lovely month or a bitter one depending on if you’re in a relationship or not. You will see all the couples kissing in front of you, red roses everywhere, huge chocolates and cute cards and feel horrible if you’re single.

I told myself I was not going to get depressed and become Valentine’s day hater. However, this is my year to enjoy myself. I’m going to be my own date this Valentine’s Day. I’ll wear a beautiful red dress because I want to. All you need is to love yourself. We need more love in this world.

Also, there’s nothing bad about being single. Be happy for your best friend who is dating a nice guy that is going to take her to dinner. Maybe next year, you’ll have someone special or invite your single friends to dinner. Buy a lot of chocolate the next for Valentine’s day, it will be half price! Don’t let a holiday make you sad.

I’m wearing this lovely dress from Who What wear from their Spring collection and red kitten heels. This entire outfit is from Target except for the bag. It’s from a Mexican brand called Cult Gaia. I feel pretty and ready to take this holiday with a smile on my face, knowing that one day I will find my Mr. Darcy.

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