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Hello, I’m Avi Valencia, your digital creative who can help your company have a presence in social networks through graphics. I’ve been a fashion blogger for the last five years, I graduated as a Graphic Designer in CETYS UNIVERSIDAD in Mexico and I work in the creative team of Bloguettes, a company that helps bloggers and other little companies with social networks through workshops, webinars and consultancy in Phoenix, Arizona.

I love social networks and recognize their impact. Nowadays you must have a strong online presence to stand out. That’s why I can help you with graphic design.

Here’s a list of all the services I offer and how I can help:

GeoTag Snapchat Filter

A geofilter is a image you can put over your snap, it only appears in a certain area or location. For example, if you went to Disneyland, you can wear different Geofilters, but once you exit the park, you will no longer be able to use it.

So, you’d like to have your own Snapchat geofilter? You could have it at your wedding, blogger meeting or your sister’s sweet sixteen. I could help you design it and then all of your guests will be able to upload their snaps with their own customized Geo Filter.

Social Media Graphics

Nowadays, social networks is a must for your company or blog to stand out in this digital world. If you need a special graphic, let me know. Graphics can be designed for: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.


Every company needs a Facebook Fan page where they can connect with their clients. You need a design that reflects your company’s success. 

  • Facebook Cover or Facebook Event Cover
  • Posts Graphics


 Pinterest is one of the best ways to generate traffic for your webpage. This social network is a search engine that people usually use to look up something new to learn or a bit of inspiration. You have interesting articles that deserve more readers? Don’t worry, I can help you design the perfect graphic for Pinterest and make people find it easily.

Prices will vary based on project needs! If you are looking for a design for another platform, please contact me to discuss options and give you a quote!

Blogging Services

I know exactly what you need to grow up as a blogger, some badass graphics. I can help you with a media kit so you can reach out sponsors or make a design for the newsletter you can send to all of your readers. I can help you with any graphic you need for your blog.

  • *Media Kit: If you are a blogger wanting to land brand collaborations and sponsored posts, having a media kit is a must. Let me create a beautiful media kit for you for your success!
  • *Social Media Icons
  • *Newsletter Template

I’d be pleased to work with you and create something unique. If you need a special graphic for your social networks, I could help you out. Send an email to